Fiskeby is one of Europe’s leading packaging board manufacturers

Fiskeby was founded in Norrköping, Sweden in 1637 as one of the first paper manufacturers in Europe. Today we are the only company in Scandinavia to manufacture packaging board made of 100% recovered fibre. Our product is Multiboard.

For us it is not just about what we do, but also how we do it. Earth gives us the resources we need to develop our strong packaging board and deliver it across the continent. To ensure that we protect these resources for future generations, we approach our manufacturing in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

The production of Multiboard is based on sustainable cycles. By taking advantage of the strongest fibre in cartonboard that has been used once, we save on Earth’s resources and energy. Recycling provides clear environmental benefits and is fully in line with today’s sustainability requirements. To further reduce our environmental impact we use renewable energy. We are self-sufficient in steam and at normal production we produce up to 30% of our electricity needs. Since 2015 we also have our own biogas plant to clean the process waste water.

Översiktsbild Fiskeby fabriksområde

An independent company with a strong owner

Fiskeby Board AB is an independent company with all manufacturing based in Fiskeby, Norrköping. Sales offices are located in Sweden and several countries around Europe. We have a strong owner in Fiskeby Holding LLC, USA, under the leadership of the Coors family. The owner family also operates CoorsTek and Coors Brewery.

Fiskebys net turnover is 1,2 billion SEK and has 276 employees.


Deliver the worlds greatest recycled cartonboard for packaging

Strategic alignment

We are working towards a number of strategic alignments. For each of these we have certain targets and metrics. The strategic alignments are:

  • Growth
  • Cash flow
  • Quality
  • Sustainable society
  • Attractive workplace

Our motto

  • Fiskeby – a part of the forest ecocycle for future generations
  • Sustainable Strength
  • Recycled cartonboard for packaging of the future

Core values

Our values are inspired by our cycles and form the foundation of our culture, guiding how we lead our work, act, and make decisions.

  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Care

Slide Fiskeby Historia Bakgrund Fiskeby Historia Förgrund

Genuine manufacturing
since the 1630s

since the 1630s
100% returfiber

100% recovered fibre

Recycling is important and an effective way to save on Earth’s resources. That is why we manufacture Multiboard from 100% recovered fibre.

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Förnybar energi

Renewable energy

Fiskeby works actively and widely to reduce the use of electricity. We use renewable energy and at normal production we produce up to 30% of our own electricity needs.

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