Fiskeby uses renewable energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority on the world policy agenda. In order to succeed, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emphasises the transition to renewable energy. Fiskeby is already self-sufficient in terms of steam and we produce about 30% of our own electricity needs.


We are actively working to reduce our use of electricity. Since Fiskeby is an energy-intensive process industry, made up by a variety of interlinked processes, the work takes place in a number of ways. As one of many measures to reduce our consumption, we frequently replace old equipment with new equipment with improved efficiency.


Fiskeby’s specific use of electricity is among the very lowest in the industry. Our energy plant produces about 30% of our entire need for electricity. To be able to compare ourselves to others we use the measurement MWh per tonne of product.


A crucial process in paper production is drying which is performed with the aid of steam. All paper has a natural moisture content of about 6–7% and that is what we strive to achieve. Stock from recovered paper can be dewatered by almost 50% which is about 10% better than stock from virgin fibre. This gives us a low consumption of steam per tonne of product. Of the total volume of energy that we consume, heating energy (steam) accounts for two-thirds.

Outgoing air and water from the process exchanges heat with incoming air and water, allowing the heat to be used one more time.

Low-value waste heat from process industries is usually difficult to exploit. In our biogas plant, the energy from the mill’s waste water is used to give the microorganisms the optimal temperature for gas production. Thanks to the choice of efficient technology and careful insulation of tanks, the biogas is produced within 3–4 hours without any added heat or stirring. This can be compared with conventional digestion processes which require district heating for about 35 days.

Electricity certificate

Sweden has a system of electricity certificates that aims to promote the use of renewable energy. This means that we get electricity certificates for the share of electricity production that is based on renewable fuel.

We sell the electricity certificates we do not use.

Emissions rights

In Europe there is a trading system for emission rights. The purpose is to reduce emissions. Companies are granted emission rights in tonnes of CO2 based on the fuels they use.

Fiskeby’s energy facility is very efficient which means that we do not need all our allocated allowances. Instead, we sell our redundant emission rights.

Environmental Coordinator

Magnus Johanson
Tel: +46 11-15 57 98


Magnus Johanson
Tel: +46 11-15 57 98