Fiskeby Sustainable Strength

Sustainable Strength is about Fiskeby’s work for a sustainable society and the strength of the company and our product. It describes what we do, what we want and what we stand for.


Like most companies, Fiskeby has an important role in societal development. In order to steer the development in the desired direction, we actively work to minimise the environmental impact at each stage of our manufacturing process. The business model retrieves its inspiration from nature’s cycles and is called circular economy.

Recovered fibre as raw material

Instead of exploiting Earth’s resources, Fiskeby uses first generation recovered fibre as a raw material. Accordingly, all the fibre we use in the manufacture of our products is retrieved from cartons submitted for recycling. The plastic gets separated and incinerated in our waste-to-energy plant along with other bioproducts while residual metal is sent to recycling.

Self-produced electricity and steam

We are self-sufficient in steam and produce about 30% of our own electricity needs. In addition, the manufacture of packaging board with recovered fibres is 40% less energy-intensive than manufacturing with virgin fibres.

We use electric trucks in the mill area and have a designated energy group that continuously seeks to identify new ways to reduce our electricity consumption. Among other things, the energy group make sure that we switch old equipment to new with enhanced efficiency, and that we have a system for turning off inactive machines.

Climate-neutral gas

80% of total global energy comes from fossil fuels, which are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. To create a foundation for sustainable development their use must be phased out.

Fiskeby says no to fossil fuels. Instead we produce climate neutral gas from process waste water in our own biogas plant. While the plant contributes to reducing the environmental impact of our mill, it also increases our cleaning capacity and potential for packaging board production.


The strength in Fiskeby is expressed in several ways. We have always been an independent company. Today we have a strong position in the industry and a product that ranks high among the market’s strongest recovered fibre based board qualities. Great stackability is just one Multiboard’s many benefits.

Independent company

Fiskeby is one of Europe’s leading packaging board manufacturers and the only mill throughout Scandinavia manufacturing board from 100% recovered fibre. Although our history starts as early as 1637, we are still an independent company with all manufacturing in Sweden. Now with a strong owner in Fiskeby Holding LLC under the leadership of the Coors family.

All resources in one place

A lot of different professions work at Fiskeby. Electricians, engineers, mechanics, laboratory workers, economists – just to name a few. Having all the necessary skills gathered in the same building gives us faster decision-making and higher delivery reliability.

A strong and sustainable product

Our development work is more intensive than ever and results in strong, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. First generation Nordic fibres make Multiboard one of Europe’s strongest recovered fibre based board qualities. Therefore, Multiboard can often be selected with lower grammage than other board qualities.

Compared to most of its competitors, Multiboard gives you more packaging board for your investment. The multilayer construction and fibre composition lay the foundation for the excellent compression strength combined with high stiffness to give improved line efficiency. This ensures good stackability and allows you to handle Multiboard throughout the entire production chain with retained shape and stability.